Hello Bloggers,

My name is Deepak Jha and I am the Founder of Bloggers Friend (BF), I started Bloggers Friend on 10th January 2016 and this is my first post for BF.

Firstly let me tell you about my experience, I have 5 years experience of SEO, SMO and blogging. I have worked on many National and international projects and give them my best in their growth. I also Do Consulting related to SEO, SMO and Blogging, I also engage on many communities Inbound.org, Growth Hackers, Warrior Forum etc..

In my 5 years career, I have seen that many bloggers faced problems while building their blog or maintaining it. And when they get frustrated after seeing no results from their work, they just quite it and move forward.

Bloggers Friend

If you are reading this post then you will agree with me on the above point, because sometime we put all on the table and yes when things didn’t go on right way then we lost complete hope and quit. Frankly speaking I have done the same thing, and you know why I faced the problem? Because there is something that I am missing and that’s called the patience.

You are thinking that I am stupid, right? I am saying to you to have patience as you already given your months to your blog and still you didn’t achieved what you are looking.
But believe me blogging takes time; you cannot expect sky rocked things from it.

So to help all other bloggers who are facing problems with blogging at Blogger Friend (BF), I am going to help them out.


I started BF so that I can provide information’s in the way of blog post; here at BF I am going to cover all aspect of Blogging, which includes technical issues, blogging tips, SEO tips and SMO tips… Helping other is always a fun for me, so I am just doing my fun at BF by helping all my fellow bloggers.

I really want to become Bloggers Friend here at BF, so whatever issues you are facing with blogging just get in touch with me I am definitely going to help you out and will cover that as post here at BF so that others will get benefits as well.

I know there are many people who face the issues and some of them are still facing and troubling to make their blog as per their dream, but don’t worry we both will make it happen. So if you want my help then tell me through commenting or you can contact me through contact us form.

I am also available on all social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus, you can follow me there and ask me related to problem which are facing in your blogging.

I hope I will make BF as one of the best platform for all bloggers and really change everyone’s life through my blogging knowledge. Let me know if you have any problem by commenting below, I am really interested to help you out.

Thanks you so much for reading this complete post:)

Let’s start BF and make it a useful resource for every blogger.

6 Thoughts on “Why I started Bloggers Friend

  1. Good Luck Deepak, Hope to see some great piece from you.

  2. Hey Deepak,

    Best of luck for this new blog, I am eager to see some great posts on this blog.

  3. Surbhi on January 23, 2016 at 7:27 pm said:

    Good luck for this new Blog, I saw your past posts and I can expect the same quality on this blog as well.

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