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There is a common question in every writer’s mind “what will be their next blog post? ” doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or pro you have to face writer’s block; but don’t worry this block is no more a big problem for you.

If you are not getting any new idea in your mind, then just use these 15 awesome free title generator tools for content ideas.

Once you complete reading this article, you will see that now you have lots of ideas in your content calendar and you will become busy again. 🙂

So let’s start

Tool#01: Portent’s Content Title Generator

One of the popular tools for content ideas, the tools is quite simple and easy to use. Anyone can use it and get the idea of next blog post. Just enter your keyword and hit the search button and it will come up with your next blog post idea.

If you are not happy with the idea, don’t worries hit the search again and again till you find the idea of your next blog post?

You can try this tool here

Still didn’t get what you are looking for? Keep reading I have a lot more weapons for you.

Tool#02: Content Ideator

One more title generator tool to give you a good number of ideas for your next blog post, just enter the keyword on which you are thinking your next blog post and hit the enter button.

Just like I did, I entered the keyword “content” and got a good list of content ideas and you won’t believe it that I got 25 pages of results…

I am not sure that you will get great content ideas till 25 pages but you can expect that till 5 to 6 pages the suggestions are considerable.

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You can try this tool here

Tool#03: Content Idea Generator:

One more tool for bloggers and content writers, with the help of this tool you will not only create ideas for the blog but you can also create ideas for white papers, tweets etc.

If you want to use this, then you have to create an account on the website.

The process is quite simple, before generating a good amount of content ideas you need to write answers to 18 question asked by this software.

On the basis of your answers, this tool will give you a collection of ideas which you can use for your next write-up. They have video on their website which will give you a brief idea on how you can use this for your work.

Try this tool here

Tool#04: HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Well known tool for bloggers and writers, you have to write 3 nouns and you will get good numbers of ideas.
But as HubSpot has mentioned on their website that, their algorithm is not so perfect so you can make some tweak to make those suggestions more relevant to your ideas.

Try this tool here and let me know your experience in the comment section.

Tool#05: Build Your Own Blog’s Idea Generator

This tool is quite different than others; here you don’t need to write any keyword in the search box. Here you just need to click on the idea generator button then it will give you some general title suggestions and you have to tweak them as per your needs.

One of the ideas which I got from this tool is:

* Are you doing____ the right way?

If you ask me to use this title then I can tweak this into “Are you doing blogging the right way?” or “Are you doing SEO the right way?”

So just like me, you have to make random ideas into your niche related ideas; you can add your keywords in the blank space and see if it looks good to write.

Try this here and please tell me your experience by commenting.

Tool#06: Blog Title Idea Generator:

Just like the above tool, Blog Title Idea Generator from inbound now will give you title suggestions and you have to tweak them as per your need.

Quite basic but good in use, at least you can get some ideas to write by doing some mind exercise with suggestions provided by this tool.

There is nothing more to say about this tool, you can try this here and let me know your experience.

Tool#07: Link Bait Generator

As the name says “Link Bait Generator”, it really gives you some ideas which really look like a link bait title.

Ex. I searched “blogging” and I found some interesting ideas which really attracts users just like” 7 things lady gaga has in common with blogging” Are you kidding me?

I will consider this tool as good one because I know that there are many bloggers who are looking for catchy titles to attract more users towards their blog post.

So guys what are you waiting for? Go and hit the button with your ideas and tell me your experience.

Try this tool here

Tool#08:Content Strategy Helper

This is one of the cool tools I have seen, it’s free and easy to use. Basically, it works on Google sheet format, which means you only need a Google account to access this tool.

Just click on the below mentioned link and it will land you the page where you will get complete instructions, just follow the step by step process and soon you will see some of the interesting topics for your next write-up.

Once you enter your keyword in the search box, this tool searches the entire web for relevant results. You will see results from well-known websites like Google News, Twitter, Reddit etc. Basically, this tool finds trendy news, articles from the website related to your searched keywords.

This tool will give a good amount of ideas for your blog, and with this data, you can also analyze what kind of content is popular on which website.

Here is the URL use it and let me know what do you think about it.

Tool#09: Buzzsumo

You know about this tool, right? If not then I will tell you the brief about Buzzsumo.
One of the most popular and used tool by experts for content ideas, Buzzsumo is available in Free and paid version so you can easily try this fantastic tool.

Just need to write the search keyword and hit the button, Buzzsumo will give you some of the well-doing content’s list.

You can use it’s easy to use filters for exact results, you can also use it to steal the competitors content strategy by using the URL of their website in buzz sumo and it will give you the most shareable content of your competitor.

Try this tool here.

Tool#10: Blog Title Generator

One more tool to get content ideas for your blog post, easy to use and shows some of the relevant results as per your keywords.

Just write the keyword and choose what describe your keyword in the next column, now hit the search button. In few seconds, it will give you some ideas related to your keyword. Make sure to define the keyword correctly for better results.

If you are not happy with the results for given keyword, hit submit again for the same keyword to get different results.

In few minutes, you will get some decent amount of ideas on which you can write your blog post.

Try it here.

Tool#11: Tweak your biz title generator

If you are looking for a tool which categorized your search then this tool will be helpful, it is easy to use tool which gives you results in category manner.

This tool gives you a long list of ideas from which you can select the right title, I really love how it categorized your ideas in “List, how to, best” category.

Remember these are just suggestions, so you can make tweak as per your needs.

Use it now and prepare your content calendar, please let me know your experience with Tweak your biz title generator tool by commenting below.

Tool#12:Blog Title Generator by BlogAbout

The layout is pretty cool, just like the above-mentioned tools you need to write the keyword and hit the search button to get content ideas.

Here you can choose the theme of your search and after that you can add your keywords in the blank section, the tool is good and can generate good ideas for your next blog post.

But just like other tools which I have mentioned above, you cannot get the list of ideas. It means you have to search again and again; until you get the idea which you are looking.

Once you have a list of ideas, now you can email all of them to yourself, which helps you a lot because this way you can save these ideas for future.

Try this tool here and let me know what you have to say about this.

Tool#13: Article Title Generator

Article Title Generator from Backlink Generator is a good way to get hundreds of ideas in a minute.

Once you land on their website they will show you some of the sample ideas through which you can expect what kind of ideas you will get from this tool.

In my point, it is worth to try because if you have hundreds of ideas then at least 10 or more ideas will be value to try.

The process is quite similar to others, you have to write down you keyword and hit the search button and after that, they will show you the complete list. Try this here.

Tool#14: Blog Post Title Idea Generator

Blog Post Title Idea Generator from Fatjoe will give you 10 ideas on your mentioned keyword in the search box. If you didn’t like this 10 suggestion, then you can hit the button to see the next 10 suggestions from this tool.

I have seen some good ideas, but not all are good.

If you try for few minutes then I am sure you will get some good amount of ideas in your list. I would suggest you to tweak them as per your need, instead of waiting for the right idea. Try this here

Tool#15: Upworthy Generator

This tool is good to generate viral post ideas, the tool will suggest random ideas from the upworthy website and once you have those ideas then you can tweak them as per your need.
Don’t forget that Upwrothy is a social media site which is known for its viral posts, which means titles are used for maximum interaction from social media websites. Try this here

These are the 15 best title generator tools which will help you to overcome from writers block, I know there are many other tools which are still hidden but if you know then please mentioned in the comment section so that I can use them in my next blog post.

What do you think about these tools? In my point these all are good and if you try them then you might get thousands of ideas and can prepare your content calendar.

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