In past years online business promotion has seen a huge rise, every business want to show the power of their online presence. That’s why online promotion have become a battle for all businesses. This makes very essential for business owners to use an effective online business promotion technique to beat their competitors. To get the desired profit for your business you need to build a strong network for your business site.


seo link wheel

A strong and complex link wheel network can give your desired results quite easily, but you need to consider following things before you create your seo link wheel network:


1. Content quality: Never compromise with the quality of the content you are using for your link wheel. A low quality or duplicate content can vanish your all efforts. So always try to write a content that contains some useful values for the readers.

2. Web 2.0 platform selection: Selecting a right web 2.0 platform is also very important for your. A high authorized web 2.0 site like hubpages or squidoo can give great values to your link wheel. But still if you are looking for creating some level-2 links then you can ignore these things.

3. Profile creation: Whenever you create your web 2.0 profile make sure that you have used genuine information about your business. Using your profile just to promote your content can be spammy little bit. So complete your profile with the detailed information about your business and services.

4. Social Media sharing: Share your all web 2.0 updates on your social network and blog network so that maximum people can reach to your content.

5. Avoid two way linking: Never create interlinks or reciprocal links for your two different web 2.0 profiles . Two way linking or reciprocal linking is not considered a good Seo tactic so avoid connecting your profile as given below:

hubpages> Blogger> hubpages

Instead of it you may try this:

hubpages> Blogger> Squidoo and hubpages > Money site


2 Thoughts on “How to create an effective seo link wheel campaign

  1. The Link Wheel is a tactic that has been around a very long time.

    It’s success relies on so much more than just putting it together. The above wheel idea can work and can be effective, however, you need to be using well established accounts on all of the above platforms.

    It is no good simply creating a WordPress blog and setting something live. This has no authority. The same with Blogger, Squidoo and Quizilla. If you simply create an account and add content all you will be doing is creating a seriously weak link from a brand new account.

    Far more thought needs to be put into a link wheel. The authority and relevance of the accounts you are going to use is as much the key as simply creating it.

    Even then there are no guarantees that link wheels will have the same impact they once did.

  2. I know a lot of people have increased their SERP on their targeted keywords through link wheel. It’s just really one difficult job to accomplish as it requires dedication and creative writing knowledge to avoid rehashing the thoughts and ideas of other content on another websites.

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