As we all know that matt cutts has confirmed that they are going to release the penguin update very soon, but why he called it as next generation update? Do we expect any advance changes in this update? So In this article we will discuss about what impact we can see from this advance update.

Penguin -2

Penguin -2

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The few impacts which can be possible:

1)      Guest Blogging: After the last penguin when most of the business owners hit by penguin, then seo community develop a new strategy for link creation called “Guest Blogging”. It is really an effective way to get backlink , like if your article is posted on high quality sites then you will get quality referral traffic and high ranking in google. But because of this, many seo companies are doing that on large level to gain top rankings. We can call it as “Guest Blogging Spam”, as people are using it as normal link building; so matt cut describe his point of view on guest blogging. After this video we can expect that Penguin-2 will impact low quality guest blogging and the ranking of the sites that have number of links through guest blogging.

2)      Link Networks:  We all know that few days ago, google destroyed a link network and they said that they will destroy more link networks in future, so we can expect that penguin-2 will also impact and destroy some more link networks.

3)      Local Reviews: As many Business owners are generating the fake reviews for their business on the sites like yelp, google places etc… so that they can get high ranking for local terms. As this penguin is an advanced version so we can expect that it will hit fake reviews and the business which have these reviews on their profiles.

4)      Social Media Spam: We all know that nowadays social media is really an important part for every business, and Google is also considering social sharing and likes as an important part of rankings. But people are doing spam in that as well, they are generating fake followers, likes, re-tweets and sharing etc… So might be possible that in this advance version we can see impacts on social media pages as well, and the business who are thinking that by getting too many fake social sharing, likes etc.. They will get top rankings.


Beside these 4 techniques, this penguin-2 will also hurt the old techniques like Blog commenting, forum commenting, article marketing, Bookmarking and spam paid links etc…

So get ready for the penguin-2, let see who will get the benefits and who will get the low rankings.  As it is an advance Penguin, so might be possible that it will impact more business compare to last penguin update.


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