Today Seo people are focused on their business reputation; they are managing it by posting reviews. These reviews not only help them to build a better business, but also help them to rank well in Google. Google give more attention to those businesses which have good reviews on every well known citation sites, or have good reviews on Google maps/Places. If you have good reviews on your business profile that mean your conversion rate will increase, Google will rank you in top results. But why we are doing all these things?

1)      Quality Traffic

2)      Business leads etc…

Will you get all these goals if you have good business profile with positive reviews?

Will you get all these goals if you are ranking at the top off Google Places for your desired keywords?

I think yes you will get all of these goals, if you have good business profile or you are ranking at the top of Google places. But how much traffic or business leads will you get by doing these things? This is little bit tricky but I will try my best to make this puzzle easy for everyone.

Suppose I have a business profile on yelp, I have good reviews on my profile. So if we guess that every month 80 million people visit Yelp and 5-10 million people search my niche services on yelp, 1-2 million people search my niche services in my locality  and there are 20 business are working in my locality related to my niche. All these business are listed on yelp, few of them have good reviews like me and few of them don’t have good reviews. So my chances of getting a lead depend on my reviews, it is tough for me to get a business lead in this situation.” So at the end of the month I am just getting 20-30 business leads from yelp”.

Same thing goes with the Google Places, if you are ranking for a high demand able keyword and you have good reviews on your profile only then you will get business leads otherwise user will choose someone else. This time total traffic will depend on the demand of keyword for which you are ranking in the search results.

All the things which are mentioned above are old seo technique, but know I am going to introduce a new seo technique through which you will get the quality traffic, Good online Business profile and huge business leads. My technique will be totally based on social media, as social media will become more and more successful in future so why not we incorporate our business with social media. For better understanding check this example.

Suppose I visited a Bakery, which is located in LA. I received good services, so normally what people do? If they have a yelp account or any other local business site account on which they can share their experience; they logged in and find the Bakery and then post their experience as review on the business profile. But if we don’t do all these things and just simply log-in our social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus; and shared that experience on these profile by mentioning their business url/Business page in the status. If we do this first of all our friends who are also located in the same city will read our reviews, and if they found good they will share this on their profile and will visit the Bakery for services.

In a very quick minute we almost cover our local area with positive reviews, and probability of our business leads will increase 90% in an hour or in a day. Slowly- 2 this review will go viral and cover the whole state in a day or in a week, the more business opportunities will increase for us. So day by day that review will reach to millions or billions of people, which mean we are getting at least good amount of traffic just from that simple review. This is called the power of social media, through which you can reach millions of people in a day if you have good or attractive content. The whole thing also impacts badly on your business, if someone shared a negative review about your business.

So which is Good a Review on a static page or a Review on active social media profile which reach millions in a single day? Please share your thought by commenting on the post.

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