How to become a Blogger

Today we are going to discuss How to Become a Blogger, ohh yes in this post I will explain you every point through which you can either start your own blog or you will start thinking to become a blogger.

Do you know becoming a blogger is quite easy? Yes it is.

Everybody is a blogger if they can think and write. If you can think and write your imagination in words, then you can become a blogger.

First of all ask yourself these questions:

  1. Which topic interests you most for writing?
  2. Do you want to become a professional blogger?
  3. How much serious you are about it?

What is the answer of all these questions? If yes then follow the post 🙂


To become a blogger you have to start your own blog, you can follow these steps:

  1. Select your niche of writing
  2. Create a sub domain blog and start your blogging.
  3. Create a Main Domain blog and start your blogging.

1. Select your niche of writing:

So as you have decided that you want to become a blogger but before going to the next step, you have to decide which topic is good for you in writing.


In the beginning, you can choose topics related to your hobbies or if you are working then you can choose topic related to your industry.


Once you have selected the topic for writing then start search for domain name, you can either choose a domain name as per your topic or you can choose a general name so that you can add more topic on your website in later part.

2. Create a Sub Domain Blog and Start you Blogging:

you can choose this option if you are not confident enough that you can do blogging for long term, or if you are only want to test yourself and skills then you can choose this option.


There are several website where you can create your sub domain blog and start your writing, by the way sub domains are the part of main domain.


One of the popular platforms for creating sub domain blogs are,, there are more platforms like,


WordPress and are the favorite choice as they provide many options to customize and make a beautiful blog to start your blogging journey.


Steps are simple for creating the sub domain, just go to the website where you will option like create a website.


Click on the button called create a website or blog then it will give you a form which ask your information’s like name, email address, name of sub domain and url of sub domain, password.


Once you complete all the fields mention above it will sign you up and redirect you to the admin panel of your blog, here you can add blog post or you can see all the posts written by you.


In this admin panel you will see more options through which you can make your website SEO friendly as well as user friendly by choosing the perfect theme.


You can also monitor the performance of your blog by checking the analytics part through which you can guess how many visitors are visiting your blog on daily basis.


You can also monitor the comments of other people on your articles.

3. Create a Main Domain blog and start your blogging:

if you are serious about blogging then this option will be good, you can create your own domain blog and start writing.


This way can always keep the seo value and you can even make money from it as well.


For creating main domain blog you need following things:
a) Register Domain Name
b) Hosting to host your blog
c) Install blog software (wordpress)

Once you are done with these three points then you can customize your blog presence by adding new theme or modifying current themes, adding plugins for social sharing and for seo.


Now you can start writing and start blogging with your main domain blog.


So are you ready to start your blogging journey? Follow these steps and become a blogger now.


Let me know if you need any help from me, leave your question through commenting and I will reply you in 2 to 3 hours.


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11 Thoughts on “How to Become a Blogger

  1. Great post Deepak, Really inspiring me to test my self for blogging.

  2. I also started my blogging with blogspot and when I saw the potential in my writing then I move on to my own domain.

  3. Michael DeFlorio on February 24, 2016 at 3:41 pm said:

    Good Article..I publish a blog/newsletter each month on Computer tips and technology. I use Constant Contact as a publishing tool. Most of my subscribers read my blog each month and I am looking for better ways to improve my readership. I have a link posted in my blog taking them to my website where they can download my blog in the event the miss an issue. I also post my blog on LinkedIn and through WordPress blog. Any ideas on hoe to improve??

    • Deepak Jha on February 27, 2016 at 4:50 pm said:

      Yes you can improve your readership by sharing content on social media group of Facebook, Google plus, also you can try to do influencer marketing for more reach.

  4. Hi Deepak

    Well said bro! You are so spot on and blogging is really a cool way to show that one is an expert. It is easy to create a blog but difficult to sustain it. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  5. Hey Deepak,

    Great tips for the newbies who might be in a dilemma on how to get started.

    Choosing the right blogging niche is of utmost importance to continue your blog (like forever 🙂 ). One may definitely test for sometime which niche they are comfortable in. But again it’s a wastage of both money and time. So it is always better to do a proper research and also understand your own intentions behind blogging.

    Thanks for sharing this. Have a great week ahead. Take care 🙂

  6. Go through their social media profiles. Read their bio and blog posts and when commenting on one of their articles make it count. Put thought into each comment. Don’t forget to share their article with your network and tag the author so they know that you’re sharing their content.

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