Google Analytic is one of the famous web Analytic tools, which is used by many seo agencies and experts. But the question is “Why it is a famous tool?” because it is easy to use and you can find lots of functionality which helps you to grow your business and will help you to understand the user behavior etc.

Google Analytics

But that doesn’t mean this is only one tool that can provide this kind of features and analysis, let’s check out some other alternatives of Google analytic.

Google analytics alternative


4 Thoughts on “35 Google Analytics alternatives for Internet Marketers

  1. Nice infographic Deepak but you have StatCounter twice – Once at 16 and later on down the line. I also noticed you did not have or in your list along with several others. Thanks for sharing…

  2. You can replace it with Marketizator, it does segmentation, AB testing and tracks conversions.

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